Our story

Ordinary life is transformed when we recognize that our stories bear the presence of God…

Hummingbird Global Media was founded in 2018, by a couple of passionate storytellers, to use film & video media to share the untold uplifting stories,  healing and restoration that reflects God’s image and carries his salvation plan to humanity. 

Our first documentary film, which is still production stage, is Sound Of Color. It’s about Syrian refugee youth who settled with their  families in El Cajon, California. We also started arts camps each summer to help these youth process their life journey and bring hope to their lives. 

We expanded our service in 2020 to assist other nonprofit and NGOS by helping them to advance their own mission by telling their stories effectively through media.

We are passionate to use media storytelling to bring inspiration, healing and restoration to the world. 

All of our stories are free to watch on our YouTube channel: Hummingbird Global Media. We welcome your support and involvement so we can tell more stories.

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fun fact about us and hummingbird

Because hummingbird processes many unique features to pollinate and thrive lives, through we find many resemblance as uniquely equipped media professionals to spread the good news and restore lives in the image of God.